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/07/2010 #6HDiEz I could do the phoenix mission in zero hour. The issue i have is that i'm playing this game on ps3 for the first time. Yes the game is fantastic and i'm having a blast. Unfortunately i'm a huge noob when it comes to playing the game on the ps3. Don't get me wrong, i know the basic controls and how to survive and such. The problem is i don't know what anything looks like in game. For example, i can't tell you what the zoom function does or how to use it. I've only used it for special objects and the ever so helpful screenshot function. I just need to know how to use my camera and zoom. If anyone could help me out that would be great. I've tried asking in the 'help' and'support' sections but no one has helped me. [psn][eur][ps3]resident.evil.4.hd...fix.4.21..[npeb00342] 27/07/2010 #7HDiEz This is a little bit off topic but anyways, it took me an hour to figure out how to get to the first level of the phoenix mission. I tried and tried until i finally found it on youtube. I'm not really a noob but i'm a slow noob. I find it difficult to pick up new games. My problem is i like a game. I can't wait to get to the level i want so i can start playing. Then i'm like "ok, now i have to play the level, i don't want to" and as soon as i start, i get bored. I have this problem with most games. I'm not sure how i'm going to go about this problem but i'm hoping someone can help me. [psn][eur][ps3]resident.evil.4.hd...fix.4.21..[npeb00342] 01/08/2010 #8HDiEz I tried finding a youtube video to help me but there weren't any. So i'm stuck again. I really hope you guys can help me. [psn][eur][ps3]resident.evil.4.hd...fix.4.21..[npeb00342] 02/08/2010 #9HDiEz Now i think the first level was actually a tutorial. I'm not




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